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Brass Panchmukhi Five Faced Hanuman Statue 7 inches

Brass Panchmukhi Five Faced Hanuman Statue 7 inches

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Infuse your home or office with the divine presence and blessings of Lord Hanuman with our exquisite Brass Panchmukhi Five Faced Hanuman Statue 7 inches, meticulously crafted by Jai Ho India's artisans. This stunning masterpiece is crafted from high-quality brass, adorned with multicolor stone handwork, and proudly made in India.

Standing at a height of 7 inches with dimensions of 6.5 inches in width and 4 inches in depth, this statue exudes elegance and grandeur. Weighing 2.3 kg, it possesses a substantial presence that commands attention and reverence.

The inclusion of multicolor gemstone handwork adds a touch of vibrancy and beauty to the statue, enhancing its visual appeal and symbolic significance. Each component is intricately crafted to perfection, reflecting the unparalleled craftsmanship of Jai Ho India artisans.

Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman, with his five faces, represents joy, happiness, prosperity, and good luck, making this statue an auspicious addition to any space. As a central character in Hindu mythology, Hanuman embodies devotion, courage, and unwavering loyalty to Lord Rama, as depicted in the epic Ramayana and other revered texts.

Display this Brass Panchmukhi Hanuman Statue in your home or office to invoke blessings, happiness, and prosperity into your life.

Experience the divine energy and spiritual upliftment that Hanuman brings, as you welcome this magnificent statue into your sacred space. Let the presence of Lord Hanuman fill your surroundings with positivity, auspiciousness, and divine protection.