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Citrine Thread Bracelet 8mm

Citrine Thread Bracelet 8mm

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Indulge in the enchanting energies of Citrine with our Citrine Thread Bracelet, a stunning creation by Jai Ho India. Handcrafted with care, this bracelet combines the gentle powers of Citrine.

Benefits and properties of Citrine:

  • It is like a success amplifier, enhancing your goals and intentions, making it a go-to for those striving for success.
  • It brings prosperity and financial success.
  • It brings a positive mindset, crucial for success, and is believed to be supported by the uplifting energy of citrine, even in tough times.
  • It stimulate creativity and enhance self-confidence as these qualities are essential for achieving success, whether in the professional or personal sphere.
  • It clears negative energies, paving the way for a positive environment where success can thrive.
  • Citrine gives a natural boost, fueling motivation for long-term success by maintaining focus and drive

Natural Crystal | Round Polished Beads | Beads 20, 8 mm | Single Thread | Adjustable Size.

Elevate your style and invite serenity into your life with the Citrine Thread Bracelet in 8mm from Jai Ho India. Please note that photos show typical quality, and the actual product may vary slightly in color, weight, and size due to the stone's natural characteristics.