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Elegant Ghungroo Bells Bridal Kaleera

Elegant Ghungroo Bells Bridal Kaleera

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The Elegant Ghungroo Bells Bridal Kaleera by Jai Ho India epitomizes a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, making it an exquisite choice for today's discerning bride. Crafted from intricately designed golden laser-cut plates adorned with ghungroo bells and beads, this kaleera exudes a timeless charm. Its dimensions, standing tall at 9.5 inches with a length and width of 3.1 inches, ensure it commands attention without overpowering the bridal ensemble.

Pearl chains gracefully sway around the kaleera's circumference, adding a delicate movement that enhances its elegance. Dangling pearl charms further accentuate its allure, lending a touch of poise to this bridal accessory. Ideal for the ultra-modern bride seeking to honor tradition while embracing contemporary aesthetics, this kaleera from Jai Ho India promises to be a cherished adornment on her special day, reflecting both her personal style and cultural heritage with finesse.