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Larvikite Small Tumble Bracelet

Larvikite Small Tumble Bracelet

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Immerse yourself in the mystical energies of the Larvikite Small Tumble Bracelet by Jai Ho India. Handcrafted with care using natural Larvikite Crystal tumble beads, this bracelet not only exudes elegance but also offers profound benefits for your spiritual journey.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Stone: Made from 100% authentic Larvikite Crystal, each bead embodies the unique energy and essence of this captivating stone.
  • Handmade Elastic Bracelet: Designed for comfort and flexibility, the elastic bracelet ensures a secure and comfortable fit for various wrist sizes.
  • Energetic Cleansing and Protection: Larvikite cleanses the energetic body and provides protection, grounding you through the nurturing energies of nature.
  • Enhanced Inner Vision: Ideal for enhancing inner vision and psychic abilities, Larvikite opens pathways to deeper insights and spiritual awareness.
  • Past Life Regression: It can be used for past life regressions, offering clarity, insight, and healing by unraveling the mysteries of our past experiences.
  • Confidence and Wisdom: Amplifies confidence in our minds, creativity in our hearts, and wisdom in our decisions, empowering us to trust our innate abilities.
  • Patience and Support: Offers patience, support, and motivation, helping us stay focused and determined to achieve our goals.
  • Rational Decision-Making: Promotes rational, thoughtful decision-making, guiding us to act from a place of wisdom rather than impulse or emotion.

Note to Buyers:

  • Your bracelet will feature a Larvikite Crystal similar to those photographed, ensuring authenticity and quality.
  • Natural variations in color, weight, and size are inherent characteristics of the stone, making each bracelet unique and special.

Elevate your spiritual journey and embrace the nurturing energies of Larvikite Crystal with this exquisite handmade bracelet from Jai Ho India. Order yours today and unlock the transformative power of Larvikite.