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Ram Lalla Statue Idol 6.4 inches

Ram Lalla Statue Idol 6.4 inches

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Elevate your spiritual space with the divine presence of Lord Ram, encapsulated in our meticulously crafted Ram Lalla Statue Idol 6.4 inches by Jai Ho India. Inspired by the revered deity from the Ayodhya Mandir, this resin statue is a testament to divine craftsmanship, capturing the essence of Lord Rama in exquisite detail.

Measuring 2.5 inches in length, 2 inches in width, and 6.4 inches in height, this miniature masterpiece weighs a mere 140g, ensuring effortless placement and handling. Crafted with precision from premium resin material, it promises durability and a long-lasting display of divine grace.

Available in two captivating colors – golden and silver – this Ram Lalla Statue offers versatility in complementing your sacred space's aesthetic. Whether adorning your home altar, office desk, or temple shrine, its elegant presence serves as a focal point of reverence and devotion.

Enhance your religious ceremonies and rituals with the sacred presence of Lord Ram, embodied in the Shree Ram Lalla Murti. Perfect for poojas and worship, this exquisite idol adds sanctity and spirituality to every ritualistic endeavor.

Immerse yourself in the divine energy of Lord Ram and invite blessings, grace, and serenity into your life with the Ram Lalla Statue by Jai Ho India.