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Red Carnelian Beads Bracelet

Red Carnelian Beads Bracelet

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Embrace vibrancy and energy with the Red Carnelian Beads Bracelet by Jai Ho India. Crafted from rondelle drum-shaped beads made from Carnelian, this bracelet showcases the stone's rich, fiery orange-red color, known for its association with vitality, creativity, and courage.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Design: The Red Carnelian Rondelle Drum Shape Beads Bracelet is a vibrant and energizing piece of jewelry that adds a bold touch to your ensemble.
  • Action Stone: Carnelian is renowned as the most powerful action stone, fostering focus, realization, and self-actualization. It stimulates analytical capabilities and precision.
  • Courage and Expression: Red Carnelian promotes truthfulness, expressiveness, courage, and kindness. It encourages individuals to present themselves confidently and passionately.
  • Leadership and Motivation: Known for its association with courage, endurance, energy, leadership, and motivation, Carnelian ignites motivation, dispels laziness, and fosters productivity.
  • Creativity and Confidence: Dubbed as the Singer's and Artist's stone, Carnelian ignites creativity and confidence, bringing a dose of good fortune and lending courage to overcome difficulties.
  • Natural Stone: The bracelet features natural Red Carnelian stones with drum-shaped beads sized at 7.5 mm and faceted cut beads for added elegance.
  • Customization: Customize your size chart in the order note to ensure a perfect fit with the elastic bracelet.

Note to Buyers:

  • Each bracelet features natural Red Carnelian stones with unique colors and characteristics similar to those photographed.
  • Variations in color, weight, and size are natural attributes of the stone, enhancing the bracelet's individuality.