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Royal Pearl Kundan Green Bridal Kaleera

Royal Pearl Kundan Green Bridal Kaleera

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Jai Ho India presents the Royal Pearl Kundan Green Bridal Kaleera, a masterpiece that combines high-quality craftsmanship with traditional elegance. This kaleera stands out with its majestic Hexagon design featuring captivating caps, showcasing a perfect blend of innovation and sophistication. 

Central to its design is a large hexagon cap, adorned with a round cap below it, creating a striking 3D effect that adds depth and allure. The intricate wheel-like structure further enhances its grace, making it a standout piece in bridal jewelry. 

Embellished with pearls, kundan, and colored beads, the chains of this kaleera exude luxury and refinement, elevating the bridal look to new heights of beauty. Designed to be both elegant and traditional, it offers a unique and stunning addition to the bride's ensemble, ensuring a memorable presence on her special day.

With dimensions of 12 inches in length and 3.6 inches in width, this kaleera is crafted to make a bold statement while maintaining a balanced and graceful appearance. It embodies the essence of grandeur and charm, making it an ideal choice for the modern bride seeking timeless sophistication in her wedding attire.